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The Rights of Nature Movement: A Closer Look at New Zealand

New Zealand, North Island, Te Urewera National Park, Lake Waikaremoana and Panekire Range

By Addison Luck   The rights of nature movement, which involves giving legal personhood status to various environmental and geographic features and incorporating the rights of nature in local law, is a legal movement that is gaining popularity throughout the world. The idea was first introduced to the modern world by the American professor Christopher Stone… Read more »

Rights of Nature Takes Hold in Crestone, Colorado


By Darlene Lee and Grant Wilson, Earth Law Center In advance of Vermont Law School’s October 19, 2018 Symposium on “Rights of Nature: Shifting Paradigms and Grounding in the Law,” case studies provide useful context for how the Rights of Nature movement is developing at the grassroots level. The case of Crestone, Colorado is a… Read more »


WHEN COURTS MEET NATURE A REAL CASE ON RIGHTS OF NATURE Hugo Echeverría – Environmental Lawyer* Ecuador A SUI GENERIS CASE Disponible en Español It took place in Ecuador between 2012 and 2015. It happened in a remote area, a frontier-area with many socio-environmental conflicts where law enforcement is challenging. There, a local Court addressed… Read more »


WHEN COURTS MEET NATURE A REAL CASE ON RIGHTS OF NATURE Hugo Echeverría – Environmental Lawyer* Ecuador UN CASO SUI GENERIS Available in English Ocurrió en Ecuador, entre 2012 y 2015. Ocurrió en una zona remota y fronteriza; una zona marcada por conflictos socioambientales, en la que la aplicación de la ley constituye un desafío… Read more »

Asbestos Use in the United States

By Anna Suarez, an environmental advocate focused on raising awareness about asbestos and public health. Summary: Asbestos use in the United States is not a topic at the forefront of the public’s focus, but one that still affects Americans today. By addressing the history of this mineral’s use we can better understand current conversations about… Read more »

It’s Time to Stop Kicking the Can and Ban Canned Hunting

By David Jennings, 1L Student, Vermont Law School Typically, canned hunting involves going to a game ranch or reserve, paying a fee, and hunting the animal(s) of your choice within the convenient confines of that ranch. South Africa is notorious for attracting foreigners to its canned hunts, but this practice is also fairly widespread in… Read more »

Climate Activists Argue Criminal Acts Legally Excusable Under Necessity Doctrine

By Dan Wilcox, Senior Notes Editor, Vermont Journal of Environmental Law Upcoming cases will provide U.S. justice system first glimpse of juries’ taste for climate action necessity On October 11, 2016, in an effort known as #ShutItDown, a group dubbed the “Valve Turners” traveled to five remote locations in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and Washington,… Read more »

EPA Administrators Now and Then

By Zac Halden 3L Student, Vermont Law School The President has the power to appoint the administrators of the administrative agencies.[1] This power allows the President to dictate the role of the EPA by appointing an administrator that will direct the agency in a way that meets the president’s goals and expectations. The main differences… Read more »

Conflict & Climate Change: The Real Triple C

By Luckie Milad, Staff Editor, VJEL*  You read this title and say to yourself, “There is no war in climate change!” “What? Scientists don’t go to war!” Often the discussions on climate change center around the environmental effects. Experts do not attribute climate change as a direct cause of war, but it is a catalyst… Read more »

Gray Wolf conservation in the Northern Rockies: Can we protect wolves and ranchers?

By David Jennings, 1L Student, Vermont Law School After hundreds of years of persecution in the United States, in 1978 the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) listed gray wolves (Canis lupus) under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), which gave them federal protection from hunting, killing, and otherwise harassing. Following this protection, in 1995 and… Read more »