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Stewardship as a Social Value

Summary: Conscious consumption is each individual’s responsibility. Understanding what we consume and how we facilitate the commoditization of life is a necessity if we are to promote the modification of social values to include holistic stewardship of our planetary resources. __________________________________________ By Madhavi Venkatesan, PhD All life has intrinsic value. Human life may be able… Read more »

Appalachia in Crisis: A Human Rights Approach to Environmental Justice in the U.S.

Summary: This post originally appeared in the Oxford Human Rights Blog on April 18, 2016. The systemic collapse of the U.S. coal extraction industry has scarcely been of benefit to the subordinated Appalachian citizenry. However, tangible socio-legal progress may be achieved in the Appalachian region vis-à-vis a critical human rights approach to environmental justice issues…. Read more »

Federal Fracking Waste Regulatory Commission, or Nah?

Summary: Wastewater from hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) is not well-regulated in the United States, even though regulations exist at federal and state/local levels. This author recently published an article in which he argues the need for a federal commission, similar to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, to regulate fracking wastewater (link provided in the text below). The… Read more »

Cyber(in)security: An Environmental Calamity Lying in Wait?

Summary: Cyberattacks pose obvious threats to infrastructure and financial institutions, but they also create major environmental threats. Any dam, chemical plant, or nuclear power plant that uses computers is a savvy hacker away from being an environmental disaster. __________________________________________ By Mark Latham Cyberattacks occur today with alarming frequency. They can happen anywhere a computer performs… Read more »

COP 21: A Kyoto Protocol Redux?

Summary: Prior to the Conference of Parties in Paris, this blog shared weekly stories about the intricacies of the compact that would come from the Conference. The environmental law world buzzed with optimism as late November neared. Less than four months from the release of the Paris agreement, Professor Mark Latham does not share the… Read more »

You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar: How the Tragic Death of One Lion May Provide Protection for Candidate Endangered Species and Answer Controversial Questions about Trophy Hunting

Summary: After Cecil the Lion was killed during a trophy hunt last summer, Congress proposed the CECIL Act. The CECIL Act has the potential to create a new layer of protection for candidate species. The study which is being requested as part of this bill may help determine whether or not trophy hunting actually benefits endangered… Read more »

Chemical Used to Make Teflon is Causing a Sticky Situation in West Virginia and Ohio

Summary: An Ohio jury awards $1.6 million after finding DuPont liable for dumping toxic chemicals into drinking water near its Washington Works Plant in Parkersburg, West Virginia. The Environmental Protection Agency has yet to set a definitive standard allowable for the chemical, C8, in drinking water even though it is hazardous to human health, making… Read more »

5 Tips for Going Green That Will Save You Money

Summary: Many people believe being green costs more money. Here are 5 ideas that will help you go green without breaking the bank either. __________________________________________ By Jessica Kane Many people want to go green but they don’t know where to start, or it seems to be an overwhelming task. It is possible to preserve and… Read more »

Green on Top: Zoning Against Climate Change with Green-Roof Legislation

Summary: Green-roof zoning laws may provide a solution to the Urban Heat Island Effect, which contributes to anthropogenic climate change through heat pollution originating from large cities. US legislators may follow the lead of Stuttgart, Germany, where exemplary city-greening zoning laws have greatly reduced urban pollution. __________________________________________ By Gabriela Steier, Esq. Green-roofs are an overlooked solution to… Read more »

Ready for COP: And Now We Wait…

The following article is part of an Eco-Perspective special in which the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law is collaborating with the VLS COP21 Observer Delegation __________________________________________ By Sara Barnowski Delegates and negotiators have worked around the clock for days (weeks, months, and years for some) to put together an agreement with prospects of being adopted…. Read more »