EcoPerspectives Press Release

emily-remmelIn an effort to encourage collaborative discussion and energize powerful thought regarding environmental issues occurring in and impacting our everyday lives, the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (VJEL) is adding to its scholarly repertoire. As of this year, VJEL transitioned to online publication and, in doing so, expanded our readership far beyond the traditional legal and policy printing. Now, we are proud to make a second revelation—EcoPerspectives!

EcoPerspectives is not your typical online blog site. Actually, it is not a blog at all.  EcoPerspectives is a forum where environmentally conscious students, faculty, and non-lawyer folks can contribute opinion editorials regarding any recent or important environmental issue—large or small. Featured articles for the month of February cover topics concerning the U.S. Dep’t of Agriculture’s ailing animal control program, wind industry’s flight from bird death liability, and Texas’s blundering attempts to secure surface water resources.

Our goal is to promote quasi-legal quasi-persuasive creating writing on hot environmental issues that all readers can comprehend.

Each Monday, VJEL will release a featured op-ed on our website.

We have a talented group of VJEL editors writing and editing op-ed submissions. If you are interested in more information regarding the EcoPerspectives page or if you wish to submit an op-ed please visit our How to Page or contact us at

Emily Remmel, Editor-in-Chief