Fall 2017 Symposium

To view the Symposium, the program has been permanently archived HERE and the VLS Youtube page.

The Energy Transition

The 2017 VJEL Symposium aims to address the legal, regulatory, and policy challenges associated with transitioning from the current energy system to a cleaner energy economy. We are honored to have Dan Reicher to deliver the keynote address. Mr. Reicher is Executive Director of the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University and has spent much of his career working with energy issues.

After the keynote, there will be four panels, each recognizing a different aspect of the electric industry. First, the Legal Barriers to Renewable Energy will delve into the potential legal challenges associated with renewable electricity generation. Next, the Traditional Generation and the Energy Future panel shall explore what role non-renewable sources will continue to continue to play in our energy portfolio. After lunch, our panel on Energy and the Constitution will consider American Constitutional challenges to existing energy regulations and policies. Finally, the fourth panel, National Security and Grid Reliability, will address concerns associated with smart grids and the implications of decreasing America’s reliance on foreign fuels.

CLE credit available.


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