Prospective Students


We invite 1Ls and 2Ls to apply for staff editor positions on the Journal.  You will receive 2 credits per semester for your first year on the Journal  and 1 credit per semester for your second year on the Journal.  Note that the Journal  is committed to publishing high-quality manuscripts, therefore, membership on the Journal  requires a substantial time commitment.

Answers to our most frequently asked questions are below.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any additional questions or concerns.

What will my responsibilities be as a Staff Editor?

Staff editors have two main responsibilities, which include:

1.  Editing articles for publication in the Journal’s  quarterly issues – this process is known as Production and includes:

Cite Check – Staff editors locate a copy of each source cited by the author, highlight assertions, and correct any citation errors using Bluebook format. Should an assertion need support, staff editors may also perform research to find a source that supports the author’s assertion.

Line-by-Line – Staff editors are paired with a partner and read the manuscript line-by-line to check for

Proof – Staff editors read the manuscript one last time to check for any facial errors.

2.  Writing a student Note of publishable quality after conducting original research.

Student Notes must be 25-pages minimum, cite to at least 25 different sources, and have at least 100 footnotes. The Note must be of publishable quality.

Staff editors are also asked to pick a committee, which allows them to become more involved with a specific aspect of the Journal.  Past committee work has included: writing for the Vermont Law School’s Top Ten Environmental Watch List published in December; planning our yearly symposium; reviewing articles submitted for publication; writing student editorials; and finding new ways to use technology to expand the Journal’s  audience.

Can my Note satisfy my Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR)?

Yes, your Note can satisfy your AWR requirement – please talk to the Registrar’s Office immediately if you plan to use your Note to satisfy this requirement. The Note will not retroactively fulfill this requirement should you decide at some later time that you want it to. You will also need to find a faculty sponsor and will likely have additional requirements or due dates throughout the semester.

How do I apply to become a Staff Editor?

There are two ways law students are offered membership on the Journal :

1.  Write-On Competition

1Ls and 2Ls may take part in the write-on competition, which takes place at the end of the Spring semester. All students interested in membership are strongly encouraged to write-on as you will not know your final class rank and students who satisfactorily complete the write-on will be offered membership first. Membership spots are limited to a set number each year.

grads2.  Grade-On

Invitations offering membership are also sent out based on class rank. Please note that these student invitations are determined after all those who satisfactorily completed the write-on are invited. There are no set number of spots set aside for write-on invitations, so there always exists the possibility that all our spots could fill up during the write-on round. In this case the grade-on round would not occur.

How will I know I have been offered Membership?

Invitations are sent by email during the summer. Please check your email daily as you will only be given two days to respond. If you do not respond by the date indicated on your invitation, your offer will be rescinded.

How do I participate in the Write-On Competition?

Write-On packets are distributed by email at the end of the Spring semester and are due approximately two weeks thereafter. The minimum time commitment to complete the write-on is an estimated 40 hours. Students are encouraged to start and complete the write-on after finals are complete. The write-on packet consists of three parts:

1.  Bluebooking

You will be asked to construct footnotes in the correct Bluebook format from information provided and provide the Bluebook rule(s) you followed to construct it.

2.  Editing a Manuscript

You will be asked to edit a section of an article manuscript by correcting errors in the text and footnotes.

3.  A Case Comment

You will be asked to research and write 7-10 pages analyzing a case. Grading will be based on the quality and creativity of the comment, the research conducted, correct use of grammar, and proper use of Bluebook citation format. Students may cite up to 15 sourses.

The competition is subject to the Vermont Law School Honor Code.

What will I need to complete the Write-On Packet?

To complete the Write-On Packet you will need a copy of the Bluebook and Red Book. These may be found in the library during library hours if you do not own copies. You will also need the Write-On Packet.  A link to the packet, which can be downloaded, will be distributed by email.  No hard copies will be distributed.

Please read the instructions that accompany the Write-On Packet as a failure to adhere to the instructions may result in disqualification, and at a minimum, will result in fewer awarded points.

72268_167980303222332_1498696_nHow do I submit the Write-On Packet once I’ve completed it?

Generally, the Case Comment/Bluebooking sections must be emailed as a PDF attachments and the manuscript section must by hand delivered or mailed.  Specific instructions for submission will be distributed with the Write-On Packet.  Please follow the instructions for submission carefully.

Can I apply to both the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law  and the Vermont Law Review?

There is only one write-on competition for the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law and the Vermont Law Review.  You may submit to either journal, or both journals.  2Ls taking part in the write-on competition may only submit to the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law.

You may only accept one offer, i.e. membership on both journals is not allowed.