Editing Process

The Journal’s  production process includes three stages:

Cite Check

Cite Check is the first stage of the production process. This stage involves Staff Editors thoroughly checking each footnote to ensure the footnotes support the corresponding assertions and reflect accurate citation formatting according to the 19th Edition BlueBook. Senior Staff Editors review Staff Editors’ work, checking that assertions are properly cited with appropriately formatted footnotes. In addition, the Senior Staff Editors will notify the Senior Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief anytime a source cannot be found. The Senior Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief may then contact the author for further guidance.


Line-by-Line is the second stage of the production process. In this stage, Staff Editors review the manuscript for typographical and grammatical errors. This stage is fulfilled by the Staff Editors physically marking up the manuscript in hard copy format. The Senior Staff Editors double check the corrections made by the Staff Editors and incorporate changes into the Microsoft Word manuscript version. Neither Staff Editors nor Senior Staff Editors are allowed to make material changes to the manuscript. Staff Editors and Senior Staff Editors are encouraged to comment when language is unclear, however. If the language is so unclear as to require rewriting, then the Senior Managing Editor or Editor-in-Chief will contact the author for his or her revision. After the Senior Managing Editor and the Editor-in-Chief review the work, the manuscript will be sent electronically to the author for review. This is an opportunity for the author to review our comments and corrections. Also, the author can recommend additional changes. The Journal  values its relationships with authors. For this reason, author satisfaction of the revised manuscript is important to the Journal. The Journal’s  production process seeks to ensure that not only is the work product of high quality, but also that the author is happy with their manuscript.

Final Proof

Final Proof is the last stage of the production process. The Journal  incorporates the author’s changes into the manuscript, and the Staff Editors review the article once more for facial errors.

The production process is a thorough and highly meticulous process. Typically, the process takes between six and eight weeks.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the editing process.