Selection Process

The Articles Committee reviews every submission the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law  receives during the Selection Process.

Preliminary Review

The Senior Articles Editor conducts a preliminary review of the author’s submission to assess the following:  (1) Use of authority; (2) Quality of writing; (3) Novelty of topic; and (4) Citation. If the submission does not pass this preliminary review, then the Journal  will decline to offer publication and notify the author. If the submission passes this preliminary review, then the Senior Articles Editor will assign it to the Article Committee for further review.

Full Review

At least two Articles Committee members will conduct a full review of the submission. Full review consists of reading and reviewing the submission with the following criteria in mind: (1) Use of authority; (2) Citation form; (3) Organization; (4) Grammar; and (5) Quality of writing.

Additionally, the Committee members consider the depth of the author’s argument, the submission’s potential value to the field of scholarship, and whether the submission furthers the Journal’s leadership as a top environmental law journal. Based on their review, the Committee members will either recommend or not recommend the submission for publication.  The Senior Articles Editor, using member feedback and input from the Editor-in-Chief, if necessary, will ultimately decide whether the Journal will offer publication to the author.

Once a final decision is made, the Senior Articles Editor will notify the author of the Journal’s decision.

Please email Senior Articles Editor, William Goldberg for additional information or questions about the selection process at