Publications about: Volume 12

The Most Important Number in the World

Ash Holes: The Failure to Classify Coal Combustion Residuals as a Hazardous Waste Under RCRA and the Burden Borne by a Minority Community in Alabama

Choke Point China: Confronting Water Scarcity and Energy Demand in the World’s Largest Country

Pragmatism Not Dogmatism: The Inconvenient Need for Border Adjustment Tariffs Based on What Is Known About Climate Change, Trade, and China

Climate Policy & U.S.-China Relations

China’s “Green Leap Forward” Toward Global Environmental Leadership

How Much Should China Pollute?

Volume 12 • Issue 3

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and Manure Runoff: Supplementing Current Regulation with Community Based Initiatives

The 2008 Farm Bill: Friend or Foe to Conservationists and What Improvements Are Needed?