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The Struggle Between Man and Nature—Agriculture, Nonpoint Source Pollution, and Clean Water: How to Implement the State of Vermont’s Phosphorous TMDL Within the Lake Champlain Basin

Farm Preservation: A Vermont Land-Use Perspective

Small, Slow, and Local: Essays on Building a More Sustainable and Local Food System

A Comparison of the General Provisions Found in Right-to-Farm Statutes

Comprehensive Regulatory Review: Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations Under the Clean Water Act from 1972 to the Present

The Caribbean Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agency: Implications for Regional and International Trade

Continental Drift: Agricultural Trade and the Widening Gap Between European Union and United States Animal Welfare Laws

Volume 12 • Issue 2

Volume 12 • Issue 1

The Legal Landscape – A Review of John Copeland Nagle, Law’s Environment: How the Law Shapes the Places We Live