Publications about: Volume 13

The Gulf Oil Spill: OPA, State Law, and Maritime Preemption

Troubled Waters: What the Gulf Oil Spill Reveals about the Consequences of Bankruptcy

Low-Carbon and More: Challenges and Solutions of China’s Coal Industry Legislation

Climate Change and the War on Coal: Exploring the Dark Side

The Inefficiencies and Deficiencies of Waste Coal

Managing Coal: How to Achieve Reasonable Risk With an Essential Resource

Coal and the U.S. Economy

The American Coal Miner, the Forgotten Natural Resource: Why Legislative Reforms are a Viable Solution to Solving the Case Backlog Before the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission Sparked by Tougher Enforcement of New Coal Mining Health and Safety Laws and Regulations

Taming the Dragon: How Corporations in China Can Be Employed to Further Environmental Risk Management

Keeping Up with Chinese Consumerism: Offsetting China’s Individually Generated Garbage with Regulatory and Social Mechanisms