Publications about: Volume 14

Waste Incineration, Community Participation, and Environmental Justice: A Comparative Study of China and the United States

How Texas Overcame California as a Renewable State: A Look at the Texan Renewable Energy Success

How to Enforce a Carbon Tax: Lessons from the Montreal Protocol and the U.S. Experience with the Ozone Depleting Chemicals Tax

Endless War or End This War? The History of Deadline Litigation Under Section 4 of the Endangered Species Act and the Multi-District Litigation Settlements

The Aftermath of Irene: Organic Farming, Consumer Protection and Revising Federal Policies

An Environmental Impact Assessment for Hydropower Development in China

Transcript of Panel Five of the After Irene Symposium on Creating a More Resilient Vermont

A Comparative Study on Marine Protected Area Legislation in Taiwan and China

Rivers and Resilience: Lessons Learned From Tropical Storm Irene

Wet Feet Marching: Climate Justice and Sustainable Development for Climate Displaced Nations in the South Pacific