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Understanding the Failure to Reduce Phosphorous Loading in Lake Champlain: Lessons for Governance

Sunset over Lake Champlain

Water for Whom? Improving Water Governance in Yunnan China Through Environmental Customary Law

Fluss Yangtze in Yunnan, China

Sunshine for Sale: Environmental Contractors and the Freedom of Information Act

Sunlight passes through the dense foliage

Volume 15 • Issue 2

VJEL Cover Book 2

Volume 15 • Issue 1

VJEL Book 1 Cover

Re-Stitching The Urban Fabric: Municipal-Driven Rehabilitation Of Vacant And Abandoned Buildings In Ohio’s Rust Belt


A Clear-Cut Danger: Commercial Logging Threatens The Quality Of Boston’s Drinking Water Supply

Harvesting timber in the young coniferous forest.

Stopping Low-Density Rural Residential Sprawl

Aerial view of North American suburban neighbourhoods

Changing Times: Shifting Rural Landscapes

Mountains and trees reflect in a pond in Vermont.

Assessing State Policy Linking Disaster Recovery, Smart Growth, And Resilience In Vermont Following Tropical Storm Irene