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Volume 16 • Issue 4

Book 4 Cover

A Comparison of E-Waste Extended Producer Responsibility Laws in the European Union and China

heap of old electronic equipment to recycle - electronic waste is cause of serious health and pollution problems

Externalizing the Costs of Hazardous Waste Production from the United States

Pile of rusty fuel and chemical drums

EPA’s Role in Implementing and Maintaining the Oil and Gas Industry’s Environmental Exemptions: A Study in Three Statutes

Oil pump oil rig energy industrial machine for petroleum in the sunset background

Keynote Address: Ecological Design

Hydroponic vegetables growing in greenhouse at Cameron Highlands

Cradle-to-Cradle: The Elimination of Waste Introduction

Bulldozer on a landfill site

Who Certifies The Certifiers?

green energy concept

Volume 16 • Issue 3

Book 3 Cover_Final

State Judicial Elections and Environmental Law: Case Studies of Montana, North Carolina, Washington, and Wisconsin

Decorative Scales of Justice

Locomotives v. Local Motives: The Coming Conflict, Statutory Void, and Legal Uncertainties Riding with Reactivated Rails-to-Trails