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Issue 3 is Now Available!

Volume 19 Issue 3 of the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law is now available! We hope you enjoy reading these articles written by some of the forefront environmental minds in Vermont and across the country on cutting-edge topics in environmental law. Enjoy!

EcoPerspectives Blog

EcoPerspectives offers the latest in environmental news in an easy to read format. Check out the latest post: When Courts Meet Nature: A Real Case on Rights of Nature by Environmental Lawyer Hugo Echeverria.  The EcoPerspectives Blog is updated periodically.

Environmental Law Review Syndicate

Check out this new collaborative effort run by the nation’s leading environmental law reviews! Each week an article will be put out in this multi-school online forum highlighting important environmental issues. Check out  Carbon Tax and Low-Income Grant Proposal to Encourage Low-Income Investment in Solar Technologies by Elizabeth Doherty, a J.D. Candidate at Vermont Law School and a Symposium Editor of the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law.

Recent Awards

Top Environmental Influencers 2017
2018 VJEL Symposium!

Do environmental statutes work? Should nature take the stand in court?

The Vermont Journal of Environmental Law 2018 Symposium explores a new paradigm in environmental jurisprudence. Drawing on the international trend of legal personhood for natural entities, we will investigate and debate if this approach works in these countries and whether it would work in the United States. We welcome speakers from multiple cultures and perspectives for a lively discussion of nature’s place in our legal system.

Vermont Law Top 10
Environmental Watch List 2018

The eighth annual Top 10 Environmental Watch List is now live. The Top 10 2018 list aims to highlight the top environmental controversies and issues likely to emerge in 2018. Please enlighten yourself on topics including nuclear war, the President’s authority over National Monuments, energy siting authority, and much more!