2017 VJEL Symposium!

The 2017 VJEL Symposium, The Energy Transition,  aims to address the legal, regulatory, and policy challenges associated with transitioning from the current energy system to a cleaner energy economy. We are honored to have Dan Reicher to deliver the keynote address. Mr. Reicher is Executive Director of the Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance at Stanford University. After the keynote, there will be four panels, each recognizing a different aspect of the electric industry.

To register please click HERE. We hope to see you on October 20th!

EcoPerspectives Blog

EcoPerspectives offers the latest in environmental news in an easy to read format. The latest three articles are Rethinking Hydropower: Infrastructure Based Generation, Net Metering: Subsidy or Compensation?, and Campaign Finance: The Gateway Reform written by VJEL’s own Russell King. The EcoPerspectives Blog is updated every two weeks on Mondays.

Issue 4 is Now Available!

Volume 18, Issue 4 of the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law is now available! We hope you enjoy reading these articles written by some of the forefront environmental minds in Vermont and across the country on cutting edge topics in environmental law.  Enjoy!

Environmental Law Review Syndicate

Check out this new collaborative effort run  by the nation’s leading environmental law reviews! Each week an article will be put out in this multi-school online forum highlighting important environmental issues. Check out The SB 32 Scoping Plan Update, Waivers, and ZEVs by Garrett Lenahan of UCLA School of Law and MS4 Regulation and Water Quality Standards by VJEL’s own Matt Carlisle of Vermont Law School.

Vermont Law Top 10
Environmental Watch List 2017

The seventh annual Top 10 Environmental Watch List is now live. The Top 10 2017 list aims to highlight the top environmental controversies and issues likely to emerge in 2017. Please enlighten yourself on topics including the Dakota Access Pipeline, the ongoing crisis in Flint, MI, Chinese environmental reform, and much more!